Shipping cost should be less than what’s being shipped

Law of Tradition

The price of shipping and handling should be less than the cost of the products that are being shipped. I

‘ve often looked at shipping and handling charge as what it costs to ship the item but have come to find out there’s much more to shipping and handling than just the cost of shipping. There are many models in which a business can handle shipping and handling costs and each has their own unique flavor: marketing, incentives, ,simply making more money at your expense, or combinations of various strategies to ultimately turn a profit. Generally, if I’m ordering and item that will include shipping and handling I go for the cheapest option because I’ve been following the law of tradition that I shouldn’t spend any more money than I have to unless it’s absolutely necessary. More recently I’ve noticed pricing online where the majority of the cost is in the shipping and handling of an item. I’ve seen items that cost fifty cents but have seven dollars in s&h. There are no standards I’ve seen in the way s&h is calculated from site to site. Of course, there are similarities across the board but I never quite know what to expect when ponying up for an item before it hits the shopping cart to see the true price it’ll cost me.

To Defy the Law of Tradition

Think less about what an item costs and more about what it is worth to you in your overall budgetary diet. Don’t be alarmed when an item has s&h charges that were more than you expected, but instead simply understand that the business has chosen a certain way to charge them to maximize profits…well a profitable business anyway. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are some that simply have no understanding of it. Shopping locally can potentially be another excellent way to defy this law of tradition. Based on prices I see of items in a local shop vs. elsewhere (online, another country, etc.) it’ll save you some dough if you purchase it locally.

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