Laws of Tradition

In my formative dissenting days one of my favorite anthems was To Defy the Laws of Tradition by Primus. The first couple of lyrics to the song say it all…

“What if Christmas didn’t come this year? Who would cry the biggest tear..the child or the store?”

For years I thought the lyrics were ‘To defy the laws of tradition, is a crusade only of the brain’ but later discovered it is ‘a crusade only of the brave’. Ultimately, they are both true, it is a crusade for the brave and might only take a crusading of your mind to embrace. The Idea that things happen, often as a result of habit (aka…tradition) with sometimes little thought to how it applies holistically was of interest to me then and still is today. Several times a day I encounter these laws of tradition or perhaps even ideas pretending to be a law of tradition. I have become more attuned to spotting them these days and wish to capture and share these laws of tradition with my own twist as they arise.


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