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Law of Tradition – You earn money
This is wrong. Money isn’t earned, it is rationed to you like food stamps. I think of money now as resource stamps that are doled out so you can then choose which resources you need the most. The entity that controls the money, the federal reserve, has such an elaborate system of controlling these resource stamps, it is beyond the comprehension and out of awareness for most. The myth would be that money is important in regulating resources. The reality is that it is important for controlling the resources for the benefit of very few. Instead of intelligently using our resources, we are beholden to resource slavery. Jacque Fresco refers to this as a rule of scarcity where those in control give the impression that the resources are scarce and that we need to be careful about how we distribute them with money being the lubricant to distribute them. If an item is becoming scarce then lets think intelligently about how to replace/supplement/etc. to serve everyone instead of using a system where those with enough of those ‘prezidential¬†baseball cards’ get to make all the trades. In the worst cases they ignore everyone else and in the best case they embrace everyone around them.

Easier said than done, I know.

To defy the Law of Tradition Рthink and act with everyone in mind. Think intelligently about your issues and how they affect those around us, and more importantly how to sustainably solve them. Vow to create a sustainable solution to an everyday issue that you and others encounter. Live life to the fullest.

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