Law of Tradition: Every purchase needs a receipt.

Is a receipt anything more than a statement of distrust? It’s basically a piece of paper that is proof something happened. More often than not you receive one of these most frequently at the grocery store where it’s completely unnecessary seeing as in order to get one you had to have paid. I certainly don’t see the staff stopping everyone at the door checking their receipts so the stopping shoplifting theory is out. I suppose a benefit would be on returning something. Most places require proof that you purchased the item from them but definitely not all of them. There are many well-known businesses that will take returns from anywhere so long as they sell the item too. Receipts sure can be handy but it’s certainly in a state of overkill these days.

To Defy the Law of Tradition: say no more to receipts. Many businesses now’adays will ask you if you want a receipt. Say no if it’s something that just isn’t necessary. A few examples when not necessary; tacos; gum; most food items; any purchase less than a dollar; heck, any purchase under ten dollars; firewood; flowers; etc. you get the picture. I’ve been collecting these piles of receipts for years and throwing them away at the end of the day but it’s really just wasted time. I shouldn’t be throwing them away because I should never be accepting them most of the time.

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